ALTERPRAXIS announces a new strategic alliance with NAVOS, a German consultancy firm

Alterpraxis, a leading integrated communications agency with more than 15 years of presence in Mexican market and navos – Public Dialogue Consultants, a professional consultancy agency with offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, specialized in PR, stakeholder dialogue, corporate communications and public affairs, today announced its strategic business partnership.


The partnership will enable both companies to provide clients -specifically from the energy sector- in Mexico, with the ability to integrate cutting-edge consultancy services that meet the challenges they face every day as part of their business operations, leveraging Alterpraxis' 15 years wide experience combining a high level of strategic consultancy, with a deep knowledge of the energy sector.


Mexico is a critical market for many of international companies, therefore this movement obeys to bring together outstanding integrated consultancy services and advisory, bringing together the skills of two highly complementary agencies to better service the clients and win more business in the region.


For Alterpraxis 2020 is the year of globalization, as we are expanding our corporate reach to offer high standard consultancy services for international clients, in Mexico, USA and Latin America.


The navos - Alterpraxis alliance display the maturity of our business and our efforts to expand and strength our sustainable growth for the next years.



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